Digital Forces

How businesses can accelerate success with next-generation technology

Capturing the Opportunity of Enhanced Connectivity and Computing Power

Technology advancements like the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and blockchain are no longer concepts we discuss in theory, but drivers or potential drivers of real business value. Although each technology is at a different stage of mainstream adoption, they all have potential to solve problems in new ways. With internet access at an all-time high and computing power more affordable than ever, the opportunities to innovate with the IoT, develop with AI and ML, and experiment with blockchain should not be ignored.


The software industry, in particular, is in a prime position to leverage these advancements and make a significant impact. By capitalizing on the explosion of connected devices and harnessing processing power at a low cost, software companies can optimize and innovate their businesses to add increased value for their customers.

Greater Power, Greater Solutions

With the computing power available today, software companies are building solutions that substantially reduce the time needed to perform complex tasks. What used to take days might now take hours or even minutes. In a time of data overload, the ability to efficiently extract meaning from data holds considerable value.

TIBCO is a Vista portfolio company meeting the challenge presented by the digitization of everything. The company helps businesses make better decisions and take action more quickly by capturing and analyzing data in real time.

The Next Wave: Quantum Computing

Quantum computers enhance the way data is stored and processed and can perform powerful algorithms much more efficiently than traditional computers. After decades of research, we’re beginning to see enterprises leverage the technology. Though it will take time for quantum computing to proliferate, technology companies should begin taking steps to understand its potential and challenges.


Many organizations lack the capabilities and processes to adapt to such a powerful technological force. Companies can start exploring quantum cryptography solutions to help address their future legacy data challenges and consider how they can leverage the technology to gain market share. Those that make a long-term commitment to understanding and innovating with quantum technology will emerge as leaders.

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